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Saturday, December 19, 2015

Silver Bells

Thirty-eight silver bells ringing in the night
Thirty pieces of silver the price of injustice
Thirty-eight silver strands holding the weight
Thirty-eight silver bells ringing, ringing, ringing

Weep not for me, I have made my peace
Weep for the silver bells singing
Weep for the injustice and and its might
Weep for the silver strands pulled tight

Sing my song, sing it strong
Strike the drum with gentle beat
Sing my song, with the ground so far below my feet
Strike the drum our honor song you will never defeat

Thirty-eight silver bells chained with hoods
Thirty-eight voices never more to be heard
Thirty-eight memories remain so restless
Thirty pieces of silver the Judas price

Riders in the snow
Ride on, ride on until everyone will know
The silver bells and the memory of those brave souls
To stand for what is right is our aim

Listen in the distance the sound so real
Listen in the distance Yankton Sioux
Listen to the song of the living children and elders too
Listen for the sound of hope and the silver bells we ring

Thirty pieces of silver
Thirty-eight silver bells
Thirty-eight memories awaken the dawn
Thirty-eight  plus two horses to run
Thirty-eight plus two shouts of justice, we have only just begun

Danny J Dean (copyright) 2015

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

We will not forget the holocaust, we will not forget Pearl Harbor, We will not forget 9/11 and we will not forget these brave innocents. We will not forget the Trail of Tears. We will not forget Wounded Knee and we will not forget Chief Sitting Bull who was assassinated on this day in 1890. The beginning of healing is to admit something is wrong. America Remember !!!


Update from Yakima

It is hard to believe a year has past since I stopped to write here.
Today I want to stop and remember a true hero who had his life taken from him today.

On this day in 1890 the great leader, holy man, and Chief of his tribe, of the Hunkpapa Sioux was assassinated.

We remember and rever his great man. Sitting Bull.

Throughout history there have been great mistakes that have cost the lives of innocent ones. Misunderstandings across cultural lines have led to disasters. Another holy man Wavoka received inspired revelations not unlike John the Baptist. As a result of these revelations new hope spread throughout the people. This hope was interpreted as a threat and thus Chief Sitting Bull was caught up in the political confusion of the day. As a result of those people guided by suspicion and fear of what they did not understand, an innocent man lost his life.

We raise our hands to the Creator and give him thanks for the few short years Sitting Bull walked the earth.

Mitakuye Oyasin

Friday, January 23, 2015

The Sound of the Drum

Why does the drum lift my heart like an Eagle soaring higher and higher?
The rhythm of the honor song opens up my eyes to see what I have never seen before
The Grass dancers moving this way and that as all sadness is carried away
The hoop dancers comes to show what has started will have a beautiful end
Such is the circle and such is the scene before me now here in  my heart my Native friend

Like a magnet pulling me in, the warrior circle lifting their song
In this moment I am home, In this moment the sounds of the city are no more
Like a tug on my soul there is no where else to go, I cannot explain
Why my heart is pulled to the plateau people who stand in the gap
Between what was and what is and what should be

     Can you hear the drums?
         Can you hear the elders song?
             Can you feel what life really is?
                 Can you hear Black Cloud?

                              Restoring the land
                             by the Creators hand
                            brothers all, one band
                           with you I will stand



So many changes have happened over the last six months it is hard to believe and hard to keep up.
My wife and I have moved to the land historically the home of the Plateau people. Nez Pierce, Palouse, Walla Walla and Yakima.

I was honored to meet with a Yakima Elder and requested permission to live here on this land. With much thanks we were granted this permission. We live here now with His blessing.

Are hearts lift up prayers of gratitude to our Creator for all He has done for us.

To you all may this note find you in great peace and much joy.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Listening to Life

Listening to Life

Injustice cries out with the sound of the weeping ones
Justice Lifts her voice loudly to Watanka Tankan
    “Bring justice for all the acts of hate, violence and murder”
Justice is looking for someone to be the voice of The Great Mystery here
Justice is singing His songs and waiting for you.

The spirit of violence that stalked the Great Plains is still alive today
The spirit that ignores compassion and empathy has not slept
The spirit of murder has shape-shifted into a more polite enemy
The spirit that judges by the color of skin still walks about, that Trickster of old

Did you see the rainbow this morning?
Do you hear the sound of the Butterfly wings gently stirring the air?
Do you hear your name being sung by the flowing steams?
Do you hear the Meadow and the Brook whispering His songs?

Today is a new day
Today I will sing my songs
Today I will be the one to say, No more pain, Injustice or hate
Today I will be the one who takes the first step
Today I will offer my protocol gifts

I Hear the winged ones calling
I hear the crawlers and the four footed friends
I hear the swimmers and all my family singing
I hear Watanka Tankan’s voice, “I am here”

Close your eyes and smell the aroma of;
    The Sweet Grass,
        The Cedar,
            The Sage,
                The Tobacco and consider your ways.



The journey of life can take you down many new paths as the proverb goes, "When you see a new trail or footprint you do not know, follow it to the point of knowing"**

Over the last few months so many changes.

We said, "See you later" to our dear friend and brother, Billy; Black Foot Warrior.

We moved 170 miles from our previous home. Now we begin a new life just as the Creator intended all along. We embrace life with all our hearts and boldly continue the adventure.

We are walking the Sacred Red Road wherever it may lead us. But this we know it leads us to much happiness and wisdom.

Mitakuye Oyasin

**Thanks to Terri Jean - 365 Days of Walking the Red Road - September 14th